I charge $120 for a standard tuning which usually takes one to one and a half hours. I schedule the appointment for 2 hours incase there are any minor issues (such as a sticky key) that need to be fixed and include them in the price of the tuning.


Piano Tuning Aural/Electric tuning in both equal and historical temperaments  
Pitchraise A quick tuning to bring the piano back up to the standard pitch of A440  
Service call Evaluate piano and give a written estimate for repairs  
Appraisal A written estimate for the current market value of the piano  
Cleaning Remove dust and debris from inside the piano. Wipe down/polish case  
Regulation  Adjust action to correct dimensions for optimal performance  
Repairs Broken parts, repining flanges and other miscellaneous repairs  
Voicing Manipulating strings and hammers to achieve proper volume and tone  
Restoration New action parts/hammers/key tops, restringing and soundboard/bridge repairs  
Finish work Both lacquer and polyester repairs. Buff any scratches or clean/sanitize